Purpose Of Village Development

    Organic Farming

  • Introducing appropriate & environment friendly technologies
  • Preventon and storage of both ancient and traditional varieties of seeds
  • Scientific and optimal irrigation to reduce water loss
  • Enhancing rural marketing of both unprocessed and processed produces

    Watershed development will be a major focus of the society through:

  • Micro-watershed programmes, planning, construction and management
  • Revival and maintenance of traditional water harvesting structures
  • Construction and management of rainwater harvesting structures
  • Compulsory embankment plantation around watershed area
  • Construction of Community Water Management Association (CWMC)

    Community Development through:

  • Empowering the community by changing their altitude towards self-respect, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and rationality
  • Formation and management of Community Development Fund (CDF)
  • Formation of Village Development Association (VDC)

  • Construction of Community Center

  • Development of power towards decision making for community development

  • Training and capacity building programmes

  • Helping in establishing small cottage industries

    Infrastructure Development through:

  • Construction ofvillage approach roads

  • Construction of low cost housing

  • Construction of drinking water sources and supply

  • Construction of low cost sanitation

    Community Health Development through:

  • Setting up of health centers

  • Organizing health camps/fairs etc.

  • Generationof awareness through pamphlets and other ICE materials about public health and hygiene, population control, AIDS etc

  • Eradication of unhealthy practices

  • Evaluation of health standard of different regions

  • Promotion of universal immunization programme

    Animal husbandry through:

  • Imparting animal husbandry training E

  • Supply of higher (upgraded) breed of cattle, poultry birds, pigs etc. at low cost

  • Arrange and ensure marketing for the animal products

  • Generating awareness for setting up community poultry, goatery, cattle shed etc.

    Land Development & Plantation through:

  • Wasteland treatment, leveling etc.

  • Arrangements for soil aeration, fertility and irrigation

  • Undertaking plantation by adopting newer, sustainable and appropriate techniques

  • Undertaking medicinal plants and herbs cultivation in the wasteland

    Participatory Resources Management through:

  • Formation of managerial groups

  • Creating awareness for participatory approach for resources generation. control and management

  • Setting up community resource center for dissemination of knowledge